Custom orders

May 18th, 2012

Currently working on an Elliot and a Murray of Atholl tartan bears.

If you would like to order a custom made bear please contact me on or phone me on 01542 840551.


Harris Tweed jointed bears

May 18th, 2012

This is the first bear by Knockie Bears in the gorgeous Harris Tweed fabric.

She is 13/14 inches high when standing.  Has an old fashioned hump at the top of her back and head is slightly forward. Full 5 joints at neck, arms and legs.

An afternoon tea sort of bear she is dressed in a handknitted lambswool Shetland lace pattern shawl with a rather large crecheted rose fascinator.

She was the star of the show at the Buckie Arts and Crafts fair and is now in her new home, a newky decorated girls bedroom.


September 13th, 2011

I am more at home making than doing admin. I am sure all artists and crafters are the same. Full of good intentions of blogging but that bit of fabric just caught my eye and would look good as……………..
And off I go again avoiding the blogging!
For this reason there is a link on the right of this page to Knockie Bears facebook page. If you have come by here looking for what I get up to you may find that the post is at least a few weeks old. Please click on the facebook link where you might just find a short note of what I am working on now. If you become a friend of Knockie Bears you can leave a friendly comment.

Custom Welsh Rugby Supporter

September 13th, 2011

The past few days I have been working with sisters on this very special bear for a very special dad.


Dad is an avid Welsh rugby supporter and often wears the same kilt as the bear (in an adult size ofcourse).


The bear has been made in felted wool with kilt, paws and inner ears in a wool tartan fabric. The tartan is Heritage of Wales.


Hopefully Dad will like his special bear at his special celebration this weekend.

He loves you

February 1st, 2011


It’s now February and time for all you young (and not so young :)) lovers out there to be thinking of Valentines day.
This wee guy is available in my Dawanda shop


Baby flying the flag

November 29th, 2010

Pram quilt
I had these saltire blocks left over from a cot size quilt I was working on and had laid them aside to await inspiration. When I heard of a new addition that friends had, I saw a use for the blocks. Teamed with some designer cashmere/cotton plaid fabric and the addition of a bear applique it made the perfect quilt for a pram or baby carrier. No mistaking this wee ones Nationlity.

November 14th, 2010

At £3 each these angels are perfect for that little minding or stocking stuffer for Christmas. Hand crocheted in soft cotton they stand approximately 2.5 inches, 6 c.m. tall and come in a linen embossed cardboard gift box. If you would like a loop to hang them on the tree instead please tell me and I will add it free of charge.

New Addition

November 10th, 2010

This is a new style of bear that I tried. He was stroked by many passers by at last Saturdays Buckie arts and crafts fair but he didn’t even last the hour on the stall before being purchased for someones Christmas present. I guess this might mean making a few more.

Walkabout Crafts Link

July 1st, 2010

I used to have a link here to Scottish Crafts website which featured only products made in Scotland.

Over time Emma, who runs the site, expanded into Ireland, Wales and England with their own sites e.g Welsh Crafts.

To provide a more seamless site to the customer she brought us all under the same banner of Walkabout Crafts and has now included crafts from Spain and Iran. From the home page you can shop by gift type, country or shop member. There are all sorts of free things, information and interactive stuff. Basically the same as Scottish Crafts but more.

Whether you are a crafter, a shopper or just curious, pop over and have a browse around. Make a tea or coffee and take the world tour.

Walkabout Crafts

Gollie Scot

March 13th, 2010

GollieI was asked not so long ago to remove a Gollie, such as the one pictured here, from a site.

There was no malicious intent. It was simply that the world had gone totally politically correct.

It would seem to depend on which way the wind is blowing as to what we are allowed to call things, yet it is perfectly ok for people to call me things I don’t like eg “jock”.

I am not trying to be political, simply trying to be realistic. We all get called things we don’t like, sometimes it is down to where we have been brought up. Here in the north east of Scotland a Loon is a boy or male person. Where I grew up in the east of Scotland it was someone with a mental health history. Get me , I am being p.c. about that description!

Anyway, common sense sort of prevails in that I can now call my Gollie a Gollie Doll. I think I shall stick with plain Gollie and hope that I don’t run into trouble.