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Fabric postcards

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

During the lockdowns I used UK Quilters United’s various pages to communicate and to challenge . One of the pages was a fabric postcard challenge. A fabric postcard is a little bit of fabric art. Once you are finished you are given name and adress to send to. As there is a finishing date, there is a period of anticipation as we await our delivery and also the posting of pictures as the postcards arrive at their destination.

Last summer the number of participating members became very low and the group folded. A member started a new group with a full year of monthly topics to let people plan ahead. In this new group I have participated in 4 swaps. Here are my contributions…

L Halloween. Top 12 days of Christmas, middle Chinese New year, bottom Autumn

The current one is St Patrick’s Day which has me a bit at a loss. Internet searches bring up such boring stereotypes. Hopefully something will click before the deadline. There has been a warning that numbers are dropping again, hopefully the warning is heeded.