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Back on the road

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Just before lockdown I was asked to remove my bears from retail premises by Trading Standards. Rather than do battle with them again I was prepared to stop making bears. Another bear maker in the area was also contacted by them. Being younger, and there were two of them, they kept emailing TS to come to a solution. We both had bears in Crafted in Moray and they were determined to have us both back.


The solution turned out to be quite simple. Was so annoyed that TS couldn’t just point this out. They required the wording on the card label attached to the bears, to be stitched on as well. I keep things simple and unadorned. So ordered up these simple labels.

Charlie and Gillian at Crafted in Moray are happy bunnies again. They have both styles of bears back in their shop. I took these in a few days ago and one has gone to it’s forever home aready.

Motley crew


Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

When we have lost a loved one we often find an item of clothing, a blanket or soft furnishing can hold so many happy memories. This bear was a much loved coat. The coat was kept but it can be difficult to explain to people why you have a coat draped on the settee.

The coat was sent to me and I worked out which bits could be used to create the bear. I do allow you to choose size and style of bear. Mostly people opt for the traditional style bear. The bears have a jointed neck which allows the head to be turned and positioned. The arms and legs are also jointed so you can stand them, sit them, whatever you want.

The end result is a bear you can display openly. A pleasant reminder of all those memories. When needed you can pick it up and have a cuddle. No one is too old to cuddle a bear, are they?