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Sunday, August 2nd, 2020

When we have lost a loved one we often find an item of clothing, a blanket or soft furnishing can hold so many happy memories. This bear was a much loved coat. The coat was kept but it can be difficult to explain to people why you have a coat draped on the settee.

The coat was sent to me and I worked out which bits could be used to create the bear. I do allow you to choose size and style of bear. Mostly people opt for the traditional style bear. The bears have a jointed neck which allows the head to be turned and positioned. The arms and legs are also jointed so you can stand them, sit them, whatever you want.

The end result is a bear you can display openly. A pleasant reminder of all those memories. When needed you can pick it up and have a cuddle. No one is too old to cuddle a bear, are they?


Wow. How did I lose a whole year?

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Well, it’s simple I suppose. 9 hour round trips to take parents for hospital treatments and basically checking up on them meant lot’s of things here were being shelved. We laughingly thought that once they were no longer with us that we would easily catch up on all the things we had half done or let lapse. Hah! we had underestimated how long it would take to dismantle what had been a very much lived in family home.

outside family home

outside family home

My mother-in-law was a talented craft lady with many skills. Father-in-law was a collector of many items. Add to that that they belonged to an era where everything had a second and third use and you can imagine how much was in a two story family house with fully floored and furbished attic. Some 18 months later, with the help of the next generation we eventually discovered all there was to discover. The social history found in that house was amazing. It also provided us with more tasks and more agonies. What to do with it all. Who would want it? Our house was full enough with our own gathered posessions but theirs held so many memories.  So we now find ourselves more and more in our own home. Emptying boxes, finding places for the cross stitch and decoupage framed works to hang. Catching up on all the jobs left undone for so long. Discovering I now have time to sit and go to all the wonderful places I used to go online. Time to finally get around to updating this site. I have made a new post, so that’s a start. Hopefully I will get some more things added in the coming weeks and see if I can make some more changes.