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Stretching my abilities

Thursday, September 10th, 2020

During the months of Covid 19 I have been blessed to be a member of UKQuiltersUnited. This was a group I joined years ago but did not participate in. You may have read in previous posts of things I did earlier in the Covid period.

Early July/late June someome started a blogerrati 2020. Hadn’t a clue what it was about but needed another challenge. We were challenged to design a 12 inch block in a flower design. The only definite was that the colour green be included. We were to write a blog on the making of the block on the UKQU site and submit pattern pieces that would be listed in the shop as free to purchase. It was hoped that members would try blocks and perhaps do enough to make a quilt or a throw, or just a cushion.

The first block I tried was an improv block. I had never heard of this. Reading through the instructions I saw it was an informal, random method of the strict foundation piecing. My flower did not turn out exactly as the the pattern suggested but apparently that’s what this method is all about. Thoroughly enjoyed it and would do it again.

I have now made inroads on a stained glass rose block.


Hexie Therapy

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

Last visit to London I got a packet of hexagon fabrics in Liberty. They lay in the sewing room for some years as I wasn’t really into hexies back then. Earlier this year I decided to use solid colours from my stash that picked out colours in the Liberty fabrics. This took a while as there were thirty fabrics. I discovered though how relaxing the repetitive hand sewing was.

With 30 flower blocks done the question was what next? A very vintage cotton sheet from Ian’s grannies was put into upcycle mode. Each ‘flower’ is being hand appliqued to a square of the cotton sheet. A perfect project to take away in the van. Was going to put a picture of them in the van but the picture was too big for this site ?

It has been put aside for now as I have a lot of bears to make. It’s not gon far and will be out again soon. Maybe for the next van trip ?