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Into the woods

Friday, August 12th, 2016

This weeks Folksy Friday is everything woodland and forest

Fairy Forest Freestanding Decorative Sign

Reversible forest friends jacket 12-18 months

OOOh, to be 12 – 18 months old

Tiny Forest in a Jar - Scandinavian Inspired Recycled Cardboard House Model Jar

Wooden Badger Forest Brooch nature woodland

Sterling silver woodland scene pendant of fox and birds

I know what I Like!!! 


planning a simpler version of this in garden with palettes

Copper Star Leaf Bracelet - Silk ribbon Soft Jewellery

love these colours


Till next Friday


Folksy Friday

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Now that I have found a little time to attend to my online shops I have discovered there is such a thing as Folksy Friday. You choose a topic, go window shopping on and share the finds you like best on your blog.

Here goes. For my first Folksy Friday I am going to see how many quirky types of bear there are out there in the handmade world.

Thread bear these little bears just shout out that they need love!

Blackwork bear Love that this bear maker uses daring colours, fabrics, and style.

Arcturina - The Bear Girl Felt Doll Not my cup of tea but definitely thinking out the box

OOAK An Earnest Bear by Tabbyclouds "Brienne" ( Mohair Artist Collector Teddy ) Just SO cute, but if cute is not your thing she does a very imaginative Zombie bear

SUMMER. Ted with Attitude Individually created Art Ted  With Bee earrings OOAK Nothing wrong with a bit of attitude

Well, took a wee while to find these. Not many crafters steering off the safe and normal path at the moment it would seem. Have enjoyed this. Not promising to do it every week but now and then could be fun