Hexie Therapy

Last visit to London I got a packet of hexagon fabrics in Liberty. They lay in the sewing room for some years as I wasn’t really into hexies back then. Earlier this year I decided to use solid colours from my stash that picked out colours in the Liberty fabrics. This took a while as there were thirty fabrics. I discovered though how relaxing the repetitive hand sewing was.

With 30 flower blocks done the question was what next? A very vintage cotton sheet from Ian’s grannies was put into upcycle mode. Each ‘flower’ is being hand appliqued to a square of the cotton sheet. A perfect project to take away in the van. Was going to put a picture of them in the van but the picture was too big for this site ?

It has been put aside for now as I have a lot of bears to make. It’s not gon far and will be out again soon. Maybe for the next van trip ?


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