Fairisle/Scandinavian knitting

Fairisle bear


Fairisle style knitting has always fascinated me but I found it clumsy to do and kept getting my yarns all tangled which caused my husband to laugh at me and the dog to either hang her head pretending she wasn’t there, or to leave the room completely, depending on how blue the air was.

Then in the local charity bookshop I found a book called Norwegian Knitting Designs by Annichen Sibbern Bohn from 1965. This was very helpfull in demistifying patterns and techniques for me.

More recently my mum sent me a link to a pattern for Scandinavian sweaters for bears. The pattern encouraged the making of your own design and I chose hearts. The first sweater was a bit loose at the arm decreases as I was using too thick a yarn for the markers. I then attempted this second sweater on smaller pins using a very fine yarn from Brora and I was much happier with the outcome even though I altered the neckline from the pattern advise.

I then made this bear in the Duke of Fife tartan and he seems to like his sweater just fine.


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