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This all came about because a certain little lady developed a liking for carp.

To save embarrassment and possible repercussions I shall maintain anonimity. As a result of the folding story my other half and I decided that we should do something slightly humerous.

                                                     The result was that I decided to make them their own carp and selected some of the brightly patterned fabrics in my stash that also suggested fish scales. The next door neighbour has catmint growing for the addiction of her mad cat so I went begging for some of her “supply”. I actually made them 2 fish each in different colours but my sister managed to take photos of them both playing with the same fish. As you can see I made them big enough that all four paws can be engaged in play at the same time.

Not to be left out I also made a half dozen carp for the grown ups and made them into a mobile. As all this upset ended in them getting married I added a weighty heart at the bottom to symbolize their love and commitment.


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