It’s not like I’ve been anywhere

Here we are again. 14 months since my last post. What on earth have I been doing? Stayed at home, tried to fit in daily walks. Shopping locally or online. What can my excuse be for being so quiet for so long? I blame concentrating on staying safe, waiting for vaccine appointments, and Facebook.

The quilt above, I call my orphan block quilt. The stripy blocks were handed into my craft group from a crafters clearance. I tidied them as best as I could and used fabric from my stash to assemble the quilt top. It lay around after I had quilted each stripe as I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I took it downstairs the other day and decided to just keep the quilting simple. The piecing wasn’t accurate enough for fancy stuff. Finished it last night. It’ll keep someone cosy this winter.

As for Facebook. It wasn’t just the time browsing that was to blame. Last year I realised I was a member of UKQU (UK Quilters United) facebook group. I went browsing and ended up joining a mini quilt swap event. This group has been so supportive throughout the past nearly 2 years. Provided a smile when needed, allowed a rant when needed, and lots of advice about stitching. All in a safe, private space. I am going to retrieve some photos and tell you a bit more about this in the next blog piece. Which will be much sooner than 14 months!


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